Dance can offer physical, social and creative benefits to people of all ages. At IFBC, we offer dance classes to ensure that you can reap the rewards.
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IFBC's Dance Workshops Across India

At IFBC (Imperial Fernando Ballet Company) we believe in the transformative power of dance. Our commitment extends beyond borders, and we’re thrilled to bring our exhilarating dance workshops to India on a grand scale.

Celebrating Diversity in Dance

India’s rich cultural tapestry inspires us to celebrate the diversity of dance forms. From classical to contemporary, traditional to fusion, our workshops encompass a wide spectrum of styles. Through our expansive events, we aim to unite passionate dancers, both seasoned performers and enthusiastic beginners, to explore, learn, and thrive in the world of dance. Uniting Passionate Dancers Nationwide
large-scale workshops serve as a vibrant platform for dance enthusiasts across the country. We create an environment where talent meets opportunity, allowing participants to immerse themselves in intensive learning, connect with industry-leading instructors, and experience the joy of movement in its truest form.

Building a Supportive Dance Community

Our workshops aren’t just about perfecting steps; they’re about fostering a sense of belonging within a dynamic dance community. Participants have the chance to network, share experiences, and create lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share a common love for dance.
Mario Fernando Aguilera

Mario Fernando Aguilera

Mario Fernando Aguilera is an Argentinian choreographer, Ballet teacher

Join Us on the Dance Floor

Stay tuned to IFBC’s official channels for updates on our upcoming workshops in India. From major cities to local communities, we’re dedicated to spreading the love for dance, one workshop at a time. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just beginning your dance journey, there’s a place for you in IFBC’s inclusive and invigorating workshops.

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