Dance can offer physical, social and creative benefits to people of all ages. At IFBC, we offer dance classes to ensure that you can reap the rewards.
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Regular Dance Classes

The Imperial Fernando Ballet Co. (IFBC) Developing the artists of the future plays an essential role in IFBC’s vision. Here are a few more details you might consider adding:

Diversity in Programs:

Highlight the variety of Ballet programs offered, such as foundational Dance classes for young beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, pre-professional training for serious aspirants, and specialized workshops focusing on technique enhancement, repertoire, and choreography.

Guest Faculty and Collaborations:

Emphasize collaborations with renowned guest teachers or choreographers from international ballet companies, offering students exposure to diverse styles and techniques.

Performance Opportunities:

Mention the platform IFBC provides for students to showcase their skills through annual productions, recitals, or even collaborations with other artistic organizations, giving them real-world performance experience.
Our Value

International Exposure and Exchange Programs

Discuss any initiatives that offer students opportunities to participate in international competitions, exchange programs with other ballet institutions abroad, or attend summer intensives at prestigious dance academies worldwide.

Alumni Success Stories:

Highlight success stories of alumni who have gone on to join esteemed ballet companies or pursue successful careers in the performing arts, showcasing IFBC’s track record of producing world-class talent. By incorporating these aspects, you can paint a comprehensive picture of IFBC’s commitment to excellence in ballet training and its impact on shaping the careers of aspiring dancers.

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4 to 7 Years Old

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7 to 12 years old

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8 to 13 years old

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13+ years old